It's Turtles All the Way Down...
Does NTIC ever get a Belle?


Nick drifted along in Belle’s wake, turning his awareness outward in as wide of a circle as possible.  The sooner he could find this Belle’s version of him, the sooner he could give her the happily ever after that she so richly deserved. 

This Belle was a shy little thing, and it broke his heart to watch her scurry through life with her head down, burying herself in books and loneliness.  He’d watched her cry herself to sleep twice now, and as soon as he found her Rush- maybe he’d be a Gold this time or a Joseph or maybe a Tom, he hadn’t found one of those in awhile- he was going to wring the man’s neck for leaving her alone for so long.  Belle had so much love and passion pent up inside of her that it was a crime not to free it. 

No matter how carefully he searched, there was no trace of the familiar signature that indicated the presence of a Rush.  This Belle was alone.

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Yay! an RCless Belle for NTIC! Yay!


i found an image that accurately describes my drive and motivation in life


Regina is the literal definition of a woman hating, privileged, classist Republican why Swens have latched onto her for their representation is beyond me.


When the quote came out that Lana based a lot of her performance on Sarah Palin it made a lot of sense.  

I was honestly terrified of the idea of Sarah Palin being VP, as a woman, a member of the queer community, and a pagan.  Palin actually supports witch hunts.

I think part of the reason for Regina being representation is that Lana herself is very pro LGBQTIA+ community.  And she’s gorgeous.  For many is not most o the people that ship SQ she’s their favorite character.  And she’s a main character.  We need main characters that are queer, rather than a token character that doesn’t have a big role.  I totally get that.

I don’t get or want Regina as queer, because she is not supportive of women.  And she’s a murderer.  That’s my opinion.

A child abuser and a rapist which IMO is worse as far representation goes. I mean the last thing queer people need is people getting the idea from TV that we are sexual predators or are not safe to be around children. Those hit too close to lies people spread in anti-queer hate speech.


Baby Otter vs. Stuffed Walrus


Reading this article on IPs (so INFPs, INTPs, ISTPs, and ISFPs) and relationship challenges and this came up: ‘Rather than meeting their obligations, IPs may burn time watching television, surfing the Internet, or playing video games as a means of distraction. Such behaviors serve to soothe or stave off feelings of anxiety associated with directly facing and participating in life.’


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Leverage 30 Day Challenge | Day 9. Favorite Episode

The Rashomon Job (3x11)